LoCAD for Mac

LoCAD is a software for the design and simulation of digital circuits. It enables a fast and simple construction of logic circuits with the most important basic components of digital technology and is a decisive aid for understanding the functionality of a circuit due to its special concept for the visualization of signal sequences.

The inputs and outputs of the components can be wired together very easily. Normally two mouse clicks are sufficient. The system looks independently for a favorable way.

During the simulation it is possible to observe the current flow and thus to track the course of the state changes over time. This helps to understand the operation of a circuit and facilitates the detection and correction of circuit errors.

It is possible to create your own devices (ICs) with any nesting depth. In this way, circuits of practically any size and complexity can be clearly arranged. During the simulation, the state changes can be observed in all ICs.

LoCAD encourages independent working and explorative learning. Detailed instructions will help you to get used to the system.

In the free version, only the number of usable components is limited to 9 per circuit.
The full version removes the restriction.